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Our afternoons at the CLUB are filled with a variety of fun, creative activities and projects.

We learn about Italian art, culture, traditions, recipes, and geography. We read books

and poems written by Italian authors, play language games, get inspired

by Italian singers and artists. We laugh a lot and we have fun together!

A delicious merenda (snack) is offered.


AGE                   K / 4th grade

WHEN               Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00 PM 

WHERE             Carrol Garden @Who's on First - 46 1rst Place - Brooklyn

TUITION           $600 for 12 lessons (Special: 5% sibling discount)

                          (join any time: prices are pro-rated once the program has started)

CALENDAR      10-17-24 Sept / 8-15-22-29 Oct / 12-19-26 Nov / 3-10 Dec

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