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(...) Serena is able to transfer her deep knowledge of the Italian culture in a unique way. She really likes to spend time with our children, and they are always happy to attend her classes and to do an immersion in the Italian word. (Francesca A.)

When I asked my 8-year-old son what he wanted for the coming school year, he said, “I don’t just want to understand Italian, I want to speak it.”... I can say, without a doubt, that this new interest to speak the language was sparked by our amazing Italian-language teacher, Serena. My kids look forward to her classes every week. She makes language-learning fun – with thoughtful, encouraging, interactive lessons that don’t feel like work to my kids. You can tell how much effort she put into class prep – with lessons that involve crafts, games, sometimes even cooking – a hands-on approach to learning Italian. (Jill S.)


(...) Serena had new activities for each class and my children were always excited to see what they were going be working on that class and looked forward to seeing Serena herself. (...) My children’s vocabulary and fluency greatly increased while taking lessons with Serena.(...). She always creates play based reading and writing activities and exercises that my daughter is excited to complete and enthusiastically tells me about after class. My daughter has made great progress in her reading and writing since taking these lessons with Serena and is excited to continue. (Donna C.)


(...) Serena is a wonderful and experienced teacher. (...) She creates fun and imaginative games for learning. She is a good listener and handles disruptions with a kind and caring sternness. My son is always happy to go to her "fun" club and is able to sustain and improve his Italian by attending her group. (Polly W.)

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